About the book

Spiritual Practicality: The Seven Keys to the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom

Energy follows thought. Creation on any level is the result of conscious choice, facilitated by the mind and brought into physical reality through action, based on the desire to see the idea “realized”. The understanding of these spiritual concepts brings extraordinary power and responsibility into the life of the so-called average person. These are not impractical ideas ill-suited to modern life.

Spiritual Practicality is the integration of your spiritual life in its totality to practical living.
You live spiritually through every experience because your awareness is changed. When you truly live spiritually, you will find that every aspect of your inner life has a practical application in the modern world.

The so-called “Success Principles” of our age are the selfsame Spiritual Principles of the ages and the Ageless Wisdom teachings. Equipped with the Seven Keys to the mysteries, we will reveal the beauty, unity, and yes, the practicality of the spiritual life.